Play, Discover, Own, Socialize, Earn in the Galactic Metaverse

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Play As Your NFT

Players can play as their NFT Characters in our 3D world, build together, play minigames, build homes, trade items and land as well as earn tokens. The Galactic Metaverse is all about communities coming together and crafting unique experiences for their members.

Land Ownership

Land takes many forms across the Galactic Metaverse, from 1x1 plots roughly the size of your screen to entire planets in the Galactic Galaxy. Regular plots can hold player built homes and lawn items, whereas planets can hold entire communities and cities that you as a owner of our NFT’s will be able to visit


You win some - You lose some! Players can take a trip to the edge of outer space and visit our virtual casino where you will be able to wager tokens and play casino games against other members.

Play to Earn

Players will be able to earn $GTT by playing in the metaverse. $GTT can be used to purchase in game items and upgrade your NFTs, and will be tradeable in exchanges.

Our Collections



Funky Bears Traveling the Galaxy




Punks in Ape Suits.

Market Coming Soon

Galactic Travel Tokens

$GTT is our utility token that is used to buy land, items, houses and more in our metaverse.

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